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Care of a baby. Fresh fruit or Veg?


It should be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: with fresh vegetables or fruits. Very many of them are for raw vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, you are easier to digest (so heating-treated), contain no saccharose and no appetite for interrupting candy tasting (it may be that after a delicious apple newborn refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, they are used however a dessert or a snack 'tween meals, and raw vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (well, at 1st only addition to it).

Contemporary pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 months at least (if you get enough warm milk and child heartiness in ordering), and not to enter solid foods at all.

In a case, we To wishlist that the introduction of mash with a fork want follow a general rules of introduction of complementary foods and beginning with alone a teaspoonful, gradually increasing a dose.

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