Corn porridge


Regarding natural milk broth, cereal or pasta is boiled to separate (5 min), so append to a boiling natural milk. 1/2 diluted with aqua (with 2-year-olds can not be diluted.) Natural milk broth cook a little longer on little warmth. To not burnt - select cookware with a thick bottom and constantly stir the dish. Similar the bisque, it should not be too thick: Little is hard to swallow.

Highly serious is a property of a items used for cooking broth newborn. Right, if it will be home fresh vegetables and meat. In the case, you should only be good and of great grade, attentively washed (preferably pre-soak them in brine).

Keep in mind that fresh vegetables must be laying in the boiling water, but a rump for soup - a cold.

Pay efforts to a cuts, with this may as well depend on the tasting of diet food. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. Corn porridge


Regarding milk soup, cereal or pasta is boiled to separate (five min), then add to a boiling milk. Half diluted with water (with TWO-year-olds can not be diluted.) Natural milk broth cook a small longer on poor heating. To not burnt - select cookware with a thick bottom and constantly stir the dish. Same the broth, it need not be too thick: Little is tight to swallow.

Extremely important is the property of the products used for preparation bisque child. Well, if it will be home vegetables and meat. In the case, they should only be sweet and of great grade, attentively water-washed (preferably pre-soak them in brine).

Keep in mind that vegetables should be laying in the boiling water, but the rump for soup - a cold.

Pay note to a cuts, from this may also depend on the taste of diet food. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. The grinding puree for baby


It want be said that for babies of different ages diet food is crushed and fed into a different consistency. If you are staying on a purchase option, it is no question with this, you should arise. You alone should to pay efforts to the label: for so old it was designed. It is recognized that these months on a cup - is the earliest age for feeding.

Industrial puree for fineness divided into 3 categories, every of which is designed to feed the children of all ages:

Homogenized - for kids 4-6 weeks;

Puree - 7-9 weeks;

Krupnoizmelchennoe - over 9 weeks.

If you prepare yourself pyureshki, to adjust to this classification. For a smallest apply uniform semiliquid puree and eldest (closer to a year) may not keep to bruise how attentively.

Consult with the pediatrician and consider a tastes and reaction baby - is the general criterion in a selection of child puree.

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Care of a baby. Watermelon or Vegetable?


It want be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: from fresh vegetables or fruits. Very a lot of of them are for vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, they are easier to digest (so warmth-treated), contain no saccharose and no appetite for interrupting candy taste (it may be that after a delicious apple baby refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, you are used however a dessert or a snack betwixt meals, and fresh vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (right, at first only addition to it).

Contemporary pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 weeks at least (if you get enough fresh milk and newborn health in order), and not to introduce solid foods at all.

In a case, we To the note that a introduction of mash with a spoon want follow the general rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with alone a teaspoon, gradually increasing a dose.

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Newborn leaving. When production a flu vaccine for kids


Vaccination as an injection can be used already from 6 weeks of age. While at the like time, doctors recommend that you wait until the baby to a vaccination, a execution of it: with birthday for a first 0.5 year newborn receives a considerable series of variant shots, and this, later all, a considerable strain on the body. Also, this type of vaccination is recommended for kids who are sick with bronchitis, asthma or other chronic diseases.

Traditionally, vaccination against the disease is conducted in progress to keep time to be formed in the aging body immunity. If we talk about the size of when to vaccinate children against influenza, vaccination is traditionally held on a eve of a season "burst" of the disease in October and early November. It should be noted that vaccination is best done every year, every autumn: each year a flu "mutating" and therefore, last year's vaccine is a light barrier for new strains of a virus.

If a flu vaccine is the 1-st time a baby may must a second dose - at intervals of a 30 days. Only then better take root in advance: immunity is formed of at least 2-4 week, and in a midst of the epidemic vaccination is not recommended. Читать полностью -->

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