Child attention. How to make a "proper" children's bisque


If you get decided on what bisque or broth will make broth for kids, first well sluice products (fresh meat or fresh fish - definitely sweet) and cut into little items. After fill them with cold-blooded aqua, bring to a seethe, rinse and refill with water - hot. By the way, gastroenterologists recommend cooking broth bisque on a second, not alone for infants but also for adults.

As, make a broth for broth in 0.5 an hour with the time a boil complete short heat. Will certainly do sure that the soup was bubbling - let them quietly brewed. After a broth to infuse and drain. Thus prepared for a bisque base may save a most amount of vitamin.

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Baby care. Egg for children


Egg are definitely one of a most useful meal. Presence in them required for the aging body of vitamin, amino acids, healthy fats and proteins, minerals, production egg essential in the women's dietary. But already with this, egg are also considered to be one of a strongest allergens, but because in lots of a use is not recommended. And more so, it is prudent and responsible to approach a question of introduction of egg in a regime of children. Talk some how to give eggs to children or not, want not occur: the item want be present in a kid's day menu. That's just to teach a newborn to the eggs to gradually and small by small, so so not to cause the adverse effects.

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Child. Soups for babies under one year


We've learned that lunch should certainly be soup. However we were taught back in a Soviet kindergartens, so taught today in the gardens of our babies and as say most Russian pediatricians and moms and dads. But is it really indispensable for infants broth? Controversy on this subject alone inflame. Many Western pediatricians believe that if a child does not should to eat first - no matter with that. He will fill the aging body's need for fluids other method. Russian, doctors assured: in the schedule for of our babies need certainly be broth, every time!

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Baby. Optimum portion


Many mums wonder however much a child need eat broth at a time. Of course, there are all individually, much depends on consumer fresh food preferences, and specifically of his age. But yet averaged optimal infant portion of soup, given that there will be, and second, should be:

Up to TWO years old infants may eat about the size of 120-150 ml of the 1-st;

TWO to 3 years, the optimal portion of soup is 150-180ml;

Infants under 6 may properly overpower 180-200 ml broth.

There is even a rule in a range of a suitable age for a broth dish: diameter of its bottom must be about like a child's palm.

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Mums. Melon or Veggie?


It want be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: with raw vegetables or fresh fruits. Very a lot of of them are for fresh vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, you are easier to digest (so heating-treated), contain no cane sugar and no appetite for interrupting candy taste (it may be that following a delicious apple newborn refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, you are used as a dessert or a snack betwixt meals, and raw vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (well, at first only addition to it).

Modern pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 weeks at least (if you have enough warm milk and newborn well-being in ordering), and not to enter solid foods at all.

In the case, we To wishlist that the introduction of mash should follow the general rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with only a teaspoonful, gradually increasing the dose.

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